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This is the place to

Have Fun with your horse

Cross Country

Our substantially built Cross Country jumps are set out in two gently undulating fields. There are over 100 fences that range in height from 30 cm. up to 100 cm. Other obstacles include ditches, a trekehner, shallow steps, a mound and a water feature with two height entry or exit. We also have a woodland section, which includes several jumps, a mound, a sunken road, steps and a drop down into the wood from the field.

All our jumps are either permanent or ground anchored. The fences are set out to encourage confidence building at all levels, but some also offer challenges if you're bold enough to take them. The facility caters for complete beginners new to cross country, to riding and pony club competitive members as well as those who ride in BE70, 80 & 90 competitions.

You hire the course, we do not provide any tuition or trainers, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Show Jumping

There is a full course of Show Jumps set out in an arena on a reasonably flat area of grass. The course includes a variety of fences, including upright poles, planks, poles with fillers, spreads and combination fences, as you would find at a one day event or show jumping class. The jumps are initially set at 80 cm., but can all be adjusted in height to suit the rider's level of ability during the schooling, either by the rider, groom or the trainer. An ideal practice area for beginners, one day eventers and others riders who have to show jump on grass.  

Although you hire the arena, this is a set course, so please do not move the position of the jumpsIf you have changed the height of the jumps, please put the jumps back to 80 cm. once you have finished.


There is a 40 metre by 20 metre fully lettered Dressage Arena set out on a reasonably flat area of grass. An ideal practice area for beginners, one day eventers and others riders who have to perform dressage or riding tests on grass.  

You are hiring the Dressage Arena for a period of 30 minutes and have sole use of the arena during that period of time.

Jumping Rules:

Flagged Fences:

If a fence is flagged, then that fence must be jumped so the red flag is on the right of the rider.

Cross Flagged Fences:

If a fence is cross flagged, it is unsafe to jump it.

Non Flagged Fences:

A large number of our fence are not flagged. This means that they can safely be jumped from either direction.

Skinny Fences, (6 ft & under)

The majority of these fences may be jumped from either direction, but to help guide horse and rider, they have white poles placed on either side of the fence.


Individual Prices:

Cross Country Course:  £26 per horse.

You can remain on the course for as long as you wish.

Show Jumping Arena: £10 per horse per hour.

Dressage Arena: £4 per horse for 30 minutes.

Trainers, Clubs and Pony Clubs.

We actively encourage you to organise your training and clinics at our venue. Please contact Susannah Givons, (phone or text: 07754 076108), to receive a discounted rate and book a date.

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Brantridge Lane, 
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