Bucklands Farm XC Schooling

Covid-19 Protocols for Schooling, Clinics & Training.

Payment to be made in advance using the on line booking form. No cash will be accepted at the venue.

No refunds will be given if you cannot attend after booking. At the discretion of the management, bookings may be carried over to another date if you inform us of the reason you cannot attend, prior to the original date booked. New dates must be within the present calendar year and cannot be held over to the next year. You must inform us of the new date before you come to the venue, to allow us to book you in and avoid overbooking.

Organised sessions will include no more than 6 people, (including trainer and the organiser/club helper).

Anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms, however mild, should stay at home. Anyone who has been in contact with someone that is showing symptoms should stay at home. Anyone considered vulnerable should stay at home.

Everyone attending should take their temperature before they leave home.

Riders should arrive, complete their training session and return home. Arrive no more than 15 minutes before your allotted start time, and leave no more than 15 minutes after your finish time.

When you arrive at the venue, please park at least 5 metres from other vehicles to allow you to tie your horse to the side of your trailer/lorry whilst still leaving at least 2 metres between you and other vehicles.

Only 1 helper per horse permitted, who should preferably be a family member.

Dogs should remain in a ventilated vehicle or be on a lead when outside the vehicle.

Assume everything at the venue could be contaminated. So wash or anti viral gel/wipe your hands before you leave your vehicle. Touch as few external things as possible or your face.

You must be able to tack up/mount/do your girth up etc. alone or with your helper.

Please mount at the horse exit of the car park and ride to the arenas/schooling area. Only the organiser/trainer is allowed to open/close arena gates/ropes or handle any equipment, (i.e. change poles or fence heights), during organised sessions.

During facility hire, you must ensure that you have anti viral spray/wipes with you to disinfect poles/cups if you change the fence height.

When you load your trailer/lorry after your session, ensure you also load any loose hay and droppings. If you or your helper have been using disposable gloves, peel them off and into each other so that the outsides are not touched, (like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I_kKVNrEMo), throw the gloves away into a plastic bag and take everything with you. Do not dispose of anything at the venue.

Wash or anti viral gel/wipe your hands once back in your vehicle.

Anyone who doesn’t comply with these protocols will be asked to leave the venue immediately.